The Girl Diaries, is the first in succession of series that takes on the notion of a young girl’s diary in relation to her environment and upbringing. Weaving a fictional narrative behind each photograph, the collages form part of a story that points loosely towards a mystery or a collective identity that the school imposes on the children. These collages reminisce a young girl's private scrapbook of memories.

The Girl Diaries #1: There Were 2 Children???  With the help of Colonel Boswell from the British Army, the hill behind the school building was leveled to provide a field for recreational and outdoor activities
A4 Framed Collage, Photograph, Lace, Paper, Stickers, Glitter Word Stickers  2015

The Girl Diaries #2: Girl Where You At?
CHIJ St. Theresa's Convent Singapore 1986
A4 Framed Collage, Photograph, Stickers, Paper, Vintage Stamps of Britain, Malaysia, Singapore 2015

The Girl Diaries #3: An Outdoor Painting Lesson
A painting lesson outdoors was more enjoyable when fanned by a cool, sea breeze
A4 Framed Collage, Photograph, Cut Text on Paper, Stencil Drawings  2015