Juliet’s Dinner, Video Work, 2022

Featuring “Last Day”, a track by Subsonic Eye
Filmed and edited by Elsa Wong and Stephanie Jane Burt
Soundtrack by Subsonic Eye
Wardrobe styled by Elsa Wong and Stephanie Jane Burt
Performed by Stephanie Jane Burt
Assisted by Izz Bazil aka Buzz
Hair and Makeup by Adeline Biancha Gunawan

Juliet’s Dinner is a collaborative video project between Elsa Wong and Stephanie Jane Burt. Featuring the track “Last Day” by Subsonic Eye, the project features Juliet (played by Burt) trapped at a dinner party. Juliet becomes intrigued by a dollhouse and is pulled towards it. She eventually manages to escape the dinner party and wakes up in the dollhouse.